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Our Story

At Papa Suya Eats, our journey is a tapestry woven with the threads of tradition and passion. It all began over two decades ago when our founder, Mr. Randle, affectionately known as Papa Suya, embarked on a culinary adventure fueled by a deep love for the age-old art of open fire grilling. His vision was simple yet profound: to preserve and celebrate the smoky essence of apple, hickory, and cherry wood in every dish.

Through years of dedication and mastery, Papa Suya's commitment to this timeless cooking style became legendary. His dishes became a bridge between generations, embodying the rich cultural heritage of Nigeria and the irresistible allure of open fire grilling. Today, Papa Suya Eats stands as a testament to this legacy, a beacon of tradition and flavor that beckons all to indulge in the authentic taste of our culinary heritage.

Our Approach

At the heart of Papa Suya Eats lies our unwavering commitment to the art of open fire grilling. Our culinary approach is built upon the belief that true flavor is born in the dance of open flames and the smoky embrace of carefully selected apple, hickory, and cherry wood. This commitment shines through in every dish we serve, each infused with a rich smoky flavor that can only be achieved through this age-old cooking style.

Whether you're savoring our succulent grilled bottom round steak, the delicate and flaky salmon, or the crispy perfection of our grilled chicken, you're experiencing the magic of open fire grilling. Papa Suya's expertise and dedication are woven into every plate, inviting you to savor the authentic, smoky essence of each delectable bite. Our approach is a celebration of tradition, a tribute to flavor, and an invitation to immerse yourself in the enchantment of open flames.

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